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african journey

Manhood Training is designed to be a rites of passage for boys aged 11-16.


The Culmination of the Manhood Training Process is a journey to the birthplace of civilization, Africa. Since 1980, Manhood Training Rites of passage has given over 300 young men the chance to experience Africa. 

Our last journey took us to Ghana, West Africa where the candidates visited memorials to W.E.B. Dubois and Kwame Nkrumah. They traveled to kente and wood carving villages to experience the craftsmanship that influenced the popular culture of today in Western society. They also traveled to the slave dungeons in “Cape Coast” to see the “Door of No Return” the holding place for enslaved Africans before the horrific journey through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  

We've found the African Journey to be formative for our young Kings and truly broadens their perspective on the human experience globally and socially.


The object of the UTBC Manhood training is to utilize the resources of both spiritual and secular organizations in an effect to develop a sense of social, group, and personal responsibility in the participants.

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